Using Discussion Board in Sharepoint 2010

Shameem Ahmed 26 November 2012 0

SharePoint provides discussion board for communication in a group; you can create and manage newsgroup-style discussion board. It’s easy to manage discussion threads and can be configured to require approval for all posts.

Creating Discussion Board in SharePoint

1. Open your SharePoint site.

2. Click More Option from Site actions.

3. Select Discussion Board, click on create after providing name.

4.  Click on Add new discussion to create new Discussion.

5. Click on Save after providing subject and body of Discussion.

6. When the discussion is created, the threads are posted in that page. Click on the subject Thread to view the Post.

7. Click on Reply to Reply the Post.

8. Click on save after providing your reply for the post.

9. Reply to post is posted on the Thread.


Discussion is a list in which the user creates threads, post discussion and manages replies to it. User can configure require approval for all post in Discussion Board. We can set alerts on the list. SharePoint provides other features like synchronizing the list with SharePoint Workspace and can connect it to Outlook.

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