Using Announcements in SharePoint 2010

Shameem Ahmed 2 December 2012 0

Announcements are lists of news items, statuses and other short bits of information shared in a group or in a team. Announcements have option to users when to expire after the day of creation.

Creating Announcements in Sharepoint

1. Open your Sharepoint site.

2. Click More Option from Site actions.

3. Select Announcements, click on create after providing name.

4.  Click on Add new announcement to create new Announcement.

5. Click on Save after providing title, message body and select a date to Expire announcement.

6. A list of Announcement is listed when the user saves announcement.

7. When Announcement expires it will automatically disappears from the list.


Announcement is an out of box option to users, to communicate in a group or in a team using SharePoint. Announcements are a short bit of notices or it may be statuses or news items which are shared between two or more peoples. We can set an expiration date for an announcement. When the expiration date is reached, the announcement disappears from the home page automatically. However, it is still available on the Announcements page.

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