Using Assets Web Database in Sharepoint 2010, Office 365 – Part II

Shameem Ahmed 28 December 2012 0

This is the continuation of Using Assets Web Database in Sharepoint – Part I, in this article we will discuss about how to work with Reports and add Users to the database.

Managing Assets web database in Sharepoint

1. Open the Assets web database created in the previous article.

2. Click on New from Users to add Users.

3. After providing details in Users window click on Save & Close to save and exit the current window.

4. We can also create user by clicking New User.

5. Click on Report Center to generate reports for Assets web database.

6. Select a Report from the list to view the reports.

7. Reports will be generated if we have Access 2010 Reports enabled in the Sharepoint 2010 package.

8. If the Report is not generated in browser click on Options from the ribbon and select Open in Access.

9. Open the MS Access file and view the reports in local machine.


SharePoint provides Assets Web Database it gives an option to Store, Track, Update information on current and retired assets and their respective owners.

a) We created a unique database for a concerned Owner.

b) We created user account with their credentials that could access the stored data.

c) We give option to store detailed information about current and retired assets like Its Name, Category it belongs to , respective Owners , its present condition , date on which it was acquired and its current value.

d) We maintain history for expired or retired assets.

e) We also give option to generate reports like enlisting Assets based on their category, List and History.


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