Using Social Meeting Workspace in SharePoint 2010, Office 365

Shameem Ahmed 31 December 2012 0

Social Meeting Workspace is a site in SharePoint to plan social occasions. It provides a list for tracking members of the event or attendees. It also provides direction for occasion, and storing pictures of the event.

Creating Social Meeting Workspace in SharePoint

1. Open your SharePoint site.

2. Click More Option from Site Actions.

3. Select Social Meeting Workspace, click on Create after providing name and url.

4. In Social Meeting Workspace we have following options.

a). Attendees,

b). Directions,

c). Things to Bring.

5. Click on Manage attendees to open and manage attender’s page.

6. Click on Items from List Tools Ribbon and select New Item to create new attender.

7. Click on Save after providing names, response and attendance to save and close the Attendees window.

8. Click on Add new item from Directions list to create a new Direction for the event.

9. After providing the Directions information in the Text area click on Save to create the direction.

10. Click on Add new item from Things to bring list.

11. Provide items, comments to owners, item owners for the event and click on Save.


SharePoint provides Social Meeting Workspace to bring social occasions in an organization to be planned and well organized. Here we can add, manage and track attendees to events. It also provides directions list in which we can manage and add details of events place and directions. We can also store our event pictures in it.

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