Using Issues Web Database in Sharepoint 2010, Office 365

Shameem Ahmed 5 January 2013 0

Issues Web Database is used to manage a set of issues or problem. Issues in Database can be organized, categorized, assigned with prioritize and follow the progress of issues from start to finish.

Creating Assets Web Database in Sharepoint

1. Open your Sharepoint site.

2. Click More Option from Site actions.

3. Select Issues Web Database, click on create after providing name and url.

4. When the Issues Web Database is created it opens Getting Started page. Click on the Open Issues to get started.

5. Click on New Issue to create new Issue.

6. After providing all details click on Save & New to save the current window and create another Issue or click on Save & Close to save and exit the current window.

7. We can create Closed Issues as we created Open Issues.

8. We can add and maintain users in Users tab.

9. Click on Report Center to view reports of Issues Web Database.

10. We can view reports under the select a report panel from Report Center.



SharePoint provides Issues Web Database that gives an option to Store, Track, Update information on Open and closed issues of their respective owners.

In this article we learned how to:

  • Create a unique database for a concerned Owner
  • Create user account with their credentials that could access the stored data.
  • Option to store detailed information about Open and closed issues like Its Summary, Category it belongs to , respective Owners , its Keywords, Description and priority ¬†condition , date on which it was acquired and its current value.
  • Maintain history for closed Issues.
  • And option to generate reports like enlisting Issues based on their category, status, assigned to and by history.

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