Windows 8 will be everywhere in CES 2013

Shameem Ahmed 7 January 2013 0

Microsoft may not be appearing at Consumer Electronic Show 2013 as a marquee exhibitor, but its presence will still loom large in Las Vegas. Windows 8 tablets, PCs, laptops and peripherals will be hard to avoid on the noisy tradeshow floor.

PC makers are expected to show off Windows 8 with cutting-edge features such as Kinect-like gesture control and voice command navigation. This year Windows finds its way into tablets, hybrids and living room all in ones. Some of the PC’s will be seeing at CES won’t have traditional keyboard. After all, with Windows 8, it’s all about touch.

One of the more out-there Windows 8 peripherals is a device called Tobii Rex, which tracks your eye movements, allowing you to zoom, scroll, and select items on your Windows 8 desktop — all with your eyes. Tobii, the maker of the gizmo, says the Tobbi Rex works by attaching a small sensor to the bottom of your monitor.

Of course, until the show floor opens, we won’t really know the full impact of Windows 8 on CES 2013. I think it’s a safe bet, however, to say that if a device is running Windows 8, you’ll be able to either twist it, flip it, touch it, or maybe even talk to it.





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