How to backup your Facebook page

MellisaSmith 9 January 2013 0

A few weeks ago I saw an entire folder of photos on a page I manage disappeared. I do not know what happened, I could not recall. The photos were not a problem because I had a local copy, but all the reviews I had done the followers flew with the wind. For this reason I started researching and I share what I found.

Before proceeding I would like to clarify that the article addresses the question of the pages, but if you are looking to make a copy of your profile information itself, you should know that Facebook makes it easy. You may want to consult on your helpdesk . In the case of the pages it is not so simple.

Well, go into flour. To back up a page I found the service offered by Backupify.

Backupify is a service for backing up social networking accounts that supports Facebook, Google Apps, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Linkedin, Blogger and Zoho . It is paid but has a free option that allows you to manage up to three accounts with 1 GB storage.

Its use is very simple:

1. Sign up and confirm your account.

2. Access to the service.

3. Select the account Facebook Fanpage

4. Search Authorizes the Buckufy Apps on Facebook.

5. Select from the pages you manage that on which you want to backup.

6. Indicates that you want to be copied elements (posts, comments, links, likes, images, videos, etc.).

7. Once a week they will back in the free version.

Now when you enter Backupify from your control panel you can access all the files have been copied. But that’s not all; if you want you can download them to your computer. This operation takes some time and when ready send you an email with an address ZIP file download. This file contains all the information in json format, but not very handy in your power.

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