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Charles Duke 21 January 2013 0

Within the first 14 hours of going live it had over 1 million visitors and half a million registered users.

The launch event in New Zealand included a re enactment of the raid by the US government ceasing Kim Dotcoms previous site megaupload, marking the raids one year anniversary.

Kim states that the raid was an invasion on privacy and the megaupload team had no idea the raid was being planned and didn’t have the chance to give an argument in front of a judge. The company and assets were taken away by the US government without a hearing.

Taken from Mega

MEGA is Cloud Storage with Powerful Always-On Privacy

MEGA provides robust cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. MEGA believes in your right to privacy and provides you with the technology tools to protect it. We call it User Controlled Encryption, or UCE, and it happens automatically.

What is MEGA User Controlled Encryption?

All files stored on MEGA are encrypted. All data transfers from and to MEGA are encrypted. And while most cloud storage providers can and do claim the same, MEGA is different – unlike the industry norm where the cloud storage provider holds the decryption key, with MEGA, you control the encryption, you hold the keys, and you decide who you grant or deny access to your files, without requiring any risky software installs. It’s all happening in your web browser!

MEGA Future

The MEGA cloud is just the beginning. In the future, MEGA will provide UCE in your browser for a wide range of applications without the need to install anything. Our technology will protect your emails, calls, chats and video streams.


kim – ‘The internet belongs to no man, industry or government’



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