Using Multipage Meeting Workspace in Sharepoint 2010, Office 365

Shameem Ahmed 26 January 2013 0

Multipage Meeting Workspace is a site made for the user to customize two blank pages on their requirements; we could add agendas, attendees, and Objectives etc. on the web parts.

Creating Multipage Meeting Workspace in Sharepoint

1. Open your Sharepoint site.

2. Click More Option from Site actions.

3. Select Multipage Meeting Workspace, click on create after providing name and url.

4. A Multipage Meeting Workspace is created when the create button is clicked and click on the page to create. We have Objectives, Attendees, and Agenda to create.

5. Click on Add new item to create new Objectives.

6. Click on Manage Attendees to create new Attendees.

7. Click on Add new item to create new Decisions.


SharePoint Multipage Meeting Workspace allows end-users to create and manage their meetings with their own customization of web parts with two pages. Users can manage their decisions, attendees, objectives in it.


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