Netflix open source monkeys

cduke 7 February 2013 0

Launched in 1997 Netflix is the leading internet subscription service with 23.6 million users in the US and Canada paying $7.99USD per month to watch as many TV programmes and films as they want from any location. Netflix uses the Amazon cloud (AWS) and wants to share with developers the way in which it is running and operating its AWS services.

Cloud architect Adrian Cockcroft stated “We want to establish our solutions as best practices or even standards”. Netflix uses a combination of programs also known as its monkeys to ensure the service runs smoothly. They have the Chaos Monkey that ensures small outages wont disrupt the system, security monkeys that constantly look for security risks and then the Janitor Monkeys that shut down unused resources.

Open sourcing these programs will ensure the knowledge wont go to waste in future and help people to better deploy cloud infrastructures.


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