Microsoft India App Fest

cduke 22 February 2013 0

On the 26th of February more than 10,000 students from around the country will be heading to hub centers where they will be coding under the supervision of professionals such as Microsoft partners and trainers. This is an opportunity for students to get their apps online. For the duration of the App Fest students will be provided with free software such as Visual Studio Express.

“On one hand, the trends in the IT space have evolved over the past few years, creating greater opportunities for students and budding developers. On the other, the global youth unemployment rate is currently at 12.7 percent – double the overall unemployment rate. These two things clearly indicate a gap in demand and supply – and the obvious answer. Given the right skills and training, there is a lot young technology students can achieve today. This is exactly what we are trying to do, bring together the opportunity and those who can utilize it.”  Microsoft director (strategic audience marketing) Pratima Amonkar


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