Introduction to SharePoint Store in SharePoint 2013

Shameem Ahmed 9 March 2013 0

SharePoint apps are self-contained pieces of functionality that extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website. Apps integrate the best of the web and SharePoint; they are targeted, lightweight, and easy-to-use, and do a great job at solving a user need. Users discover and download apps from the SharePoint Store or from their organization’s private App Catalog and install them on their SharePoint sites.

A new store for Sharepoint 2013 Users

1. Open your Sharepoint 2013 site.

2. Click on Add lists, libraries, and other apps. Discover new tools to get things done.

3. In the left side of panel users can find SharePoint Store.

4. Just like any other apps store, SharePoint also has paid and free apps.

5. SharePoint provides apps based on Relevant, Ratings, Low price, Name and Date of Creation.

6. Select All/Free from Price.

7. Categories contains group of titles you can find your intended app.

8. Select an Application to install for example BlueBridge List2PDF.

9. BlueBridge List2PDF is an application which exports SharePoint lists to PDF. You can also try apps before purchasing it. Click on TRY IT.

10. Go to List, Libraries and other Apps our new app is ready and installed.


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