5 Benefits of Active Directory Management Software

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If your company has multiple employees working on an interconnected computer network, you need (and are probably already using) an active directory manager. This important tool has a wide range of benefits for a variety of business types, but these are a few of the most important and universal.

Managing the network from a central computer

With active directory software, you or your IT manager will be able to manage the network on which your employees operate, and you’ll be able to do it from one central computer. Nearly all the other ways that this software benefits your business stem from this important element. This control means that whoever is tasked with managing your network can do so from their desk rather than having to run around to each user whenever an issue arises or a change needs to be made. It also streamlines the way that person receives the information they need. This is just one of the ways this tool improves efficiency by saving you time.

Manage network access

The process through which your employees access the systems and data they’ll need during their workday is another function that is managed by active directory software. This system authenticates the users’ login information, then determines what kind of access they are allowed. It lets the network to distinguish between regular employees, managers, and for some companies the customers who also have access. For employees who use multiple systems with separate security steps, this software can also create a Single Sign On, which means that one verification will grant access to most or all of the required tools, saving time and money.

Monitoring account changes

When your employees need to make changes on the network, the active directory tool will allow you or your IT manager to not only view those changes, but to see whose login was used to make them and when they took place. This allows the IT manager to lock up certain files or change passwords in the network if need be, making this tool very important for security and data management.

Instantly see and respond to help tickets

When problems occur and a help ticket is submitted to your IT department, active directory will allow them to instantly see and respond to those issues from their own desks. Quick and efficient resolution of technical troubles will save time and resources, getting your employees back on task and allowing your IT professionals to move on to their next project. To make things faster you can install AIM or some form of instant messenger for your employees so they can alert IT of specific problems from their desks.

Automated compliance reporting and routine maintenance

Compliance is an increasingly complex issue in most industries, and the need for security on any system or network is indisputable. Protecting customer information, storing proprietary company data, and safely processing financial transactions are a serious responsibilities. Active directory management software will compile the data needed for auditing for compliance and report it to you. It will also perform routine maintenance checks and keep your system up to date.


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