New ways of working with sharepoint lists in SharePoint 2013

Shameem Ahmed 19 March 2013 0

SharePoint 2013 is reimagined to focus on Users, it has a new fluid design that shows perfectly across screens – whether with touch enabled tablets or phones, laptops or desktop. SharePoint 2013 gives you instant access to people, applications and content. Users will spend less time in searching for information and more time working with it.

Working with Sharepoint lists

1. Goto Your Apps in SharePoint 2013

2. Select Report Library

3. New style of popup window with less key press. Pick a name and then click on Create.

4. Use drag and drop to add files into the library

4 (a)

4 (b)

5.  After uploading file click on row menu.

6.  When row menu is clicked SharePoint 2013 shows a preview of the file uploaded.

7. For more options click on context menu to view properties, check-in, check-out, version history and delete file etc.


Sharepoint 2013 fluid design has improved tasks that’s done by users on a daily basis by providing highly responsive and with minimal learning curve i.e. few mouse-clicks or key presses etc. The new design also touch-friendly i.e. using sharepoint now using tablets and smart phones is easy and initiative.

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