What’s your style? Change the look of your site

Shameem Ahmed 23 March 2013 0

SharePoint 2013 brings Microsoft Office like themes that let users change styles/colors/Fonts of you site easily like in Microsoft Office applications like PowerPoint, Excel & Word.

SharePoint 2013 “Changing the look”

1. Open your SharePoint 2013 team site

2. Click on “What’s your style?

3. “Change the look” page has 18 themes for user. Select a theme to change/customize.

4. We can customize themes by selecting Colors box.

5. We can also fix the layout of your site from Site layout.

6. We can also change Fonts of the site.

7. After Customizing site click on Try it out to preview your site in the new theme.

8. Click on “Yes, keep it” to process the style changes in your site.

9. After changing style SharePoint 2013 Team Site looks like this.

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