Creating and using Document Library Template in sharepoint 2013

Shameem Ahmed 30 March 2013 0

Sharepoint allows the end-users to create template from their existing document libraries. Once a template is created, it can be reused multiple times to create similar new document libraries.

A template can optionally include content of the document library, this allows the template to have the documents included in the template itself.

Creating Document Library Template

1. Open your Sharepoint 2013 site.

2. Select a document Library.

3. Select Library settings from Library ribbon.

4. In Settings click on Save document library as template.

5. Provide template name and click on Ok to save.

6. Check Include Content to include existing content of the document library with the template.

7. When the operation completes Click on List template gallery to go List template gallery where you can manage your saved document library.

8. After the template is saved, you can create new document library from the saved template. To do that create a document library and select the template name from Site Content group.

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