Managing Projects in Sharepoint 2013 – Part 2

Shameem Ahmed 9 April 2013 0

Official description: A site for managing and collaborating on a project. This site template brings all status, communication, and artifacts relevant to the project into one place.

In this part 2 article on Project management in Sharepoint 2013, we’ll look into how to work with Project Site we created in the previous article and see how to work with differect artifacts that comes with the site template.

We’re are going to focus on the following artifacts:

  • Project Timeline
  • Project Tasks
  • Project Documents

The Home screen provides all main artifacts of project site in one view. We can work with project timeline, tasks & documents in the same page.

Working with Project Timeline

The Project Timeline view provides project summary and displays list of tasks on timeline view. We can work directly with the tasks on the timeline view

By Clicking on a task in timeline you will get a tip popup that displays task details.

You can work with the task by using Open, Edit Date Range and Remove from Timeline options.

Working with Project Tasks

Project Tasks is a Sharepoint list where you can track all project related tasks. You can add/edit/delete and mark tasks as complete.

Working with project documents

Use Project documents to manage all project related documents. You can drag-drop files directly on the Documents panel or you can create Microsoft Office documents (Word/Excel etc.) using Office Web Apps. In your favorite browser itself.

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