Embed Youtube videos in Sharepoint 2013 web pages

Shameem Ahmed 15 April 2013 0

Sharepoint 2013 provides Embed Code option that allows you to insert javascript code snippet into your Sharepoint pages. You can insert your own code or insert embed code from popular sites like youtube, facebook or twitter.

In this article we’ll see how to insert youtube videos in a Sharepoint 2013 page.

Copy embed code from youtube

Goto youtube and play the video that you want to insert into your sharepoint page.

Right Click on the video player and select Copy embed html from the context menu.

Paste the embed code in sharepoint page

Open the sharepoint page for editing that you want to paste your embed code to

Select Embed Code option from Insert tab in the ribbon

Paste the embedded code into the text area in the dialog box and press Insert.

Save the page and exit the edit mode.

You browser may display a security warning for displaying secured content. Press Show all content to display the video in your sharepoint page.


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