Tagging your favorite Sharepoint 2013 items

Shameem Ahmed 29 April 2013 0

SharePoint 2013 provides a neat and simple feature called Tags & Notes. With Tags you can tag different SharePoint items like documents, list items, images etc. Tags are essentially a way of categorizing items with different names. Tags can be private or public based on the user requirements.

Official definitions of Tags & Notes:

“Tags help you remember links and classify the selected item. Notes are public comments. Tags and notes post to your news feed and work across different sites”

Tagging a SharePoint item

Select a SharePoint item that you want to tag, for example a document in document library.

Select Tags & Notes from the List/Document Tab in the ribbon

Type a keyword in Tags text-box and click on Save to save your item tag

Managing Tags

To manage your tags open the same popup and click on My Tags. Tags & Notes page loads that displays tag cloud (all your tags with varying size based on usage) and items linked with each tag keyword.

You can do the following in Tags and Notes page:

  • Click on Refine by type to filter your tags like public, private etc.
  • Click on the tag word to display link items
  • Click on Date arrows to see links items for that specific month or date


Tagging frequently in SharePoint allows the user an extra control over their content. By practicing tagging users can track trends, classify items etc.  Tag cloud is also available as a web part that we can use in our SharePoint pages to display the tag cloud.

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