Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Improve Efficiency

Mitch 21 May 2013 0

One of the most important factors in a business’s success is to ensure that its growth does not come with a sacrifice in its ability to handle customer interactions.  Most startups are able to handle this process using tools as simple as the basic Microsoft Office suite such as Excel and Outlook.  Once a company reaches a critical mass, it will need to rely on more sophisticated programs to balance multiple customer interaction points.  This can save the business a significant amount of time, but more importantly it provides the customer with a more satisfactory experience.  It has been demonstrated that satisfied customers lead to an increase in customer loyalty, which leads to more repeat clients, which in turn will help grow the bottom line.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps unify customer relationship management (CRM) into one seamless platform.  Here are some ideas for how to leverage Microsoft CRM solutions to integrate your entire customer contact process:


  • Develop a standardized record format. Every contact should have an exhaustive log of every instance of communication, regardless of the medium.
  • Integrate all of your communication channels into one centralized source. More than just being able to communicate with customers via phone, text, live chat, and social media, customers now expect to be able to continue the same conversation across all mediums.
  • Unify your user interface.  The most meticulous record systems are virtually useless if there is not an easy way to access the data.
  • Automate processes.  Countless hours are often wasted on processes that could be automated with the proper infrastructure.
  • Create a web self-service portal.  By allowing customer service personal to access information via the Internet, they will be able to view all relevant information with the click of a button.


If your business is looking to improve its customer interactions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM may a vital tool to improve your efficiency.

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