How to Find A More Desirable Career Through Social Networking

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Jobs are scarce but social networking is infinite in today’s world. When used properly it can help you organize and advertise yourself as a viable employee to whoever you desire. Employers, marketers, and recruiters are using social media more and more to find opportunities for business and growth. You as an individual can take advantage of this by organizing your social webpage into something that portrays in the best light as a professional. Once you’ve done this it is simply a matter of locating and reaching out to the right people to help you get on your desired career path. Here are the keys to effectively using social media to get your name out there and potentially open the door to a better career.


Construct a Text Based Resume

When trying to apply for jobs with social networking you should always have a resume that doesn’t have the strict formatting that a formally typed resume has. The information in your resume needs to be copied and pasted into the site’s application form. When you do this the formatting is thrown out and can potentially leave your well-organized resume into a mess. If your resume is not organized and easy to read, it will be passed over. Keep your essential information organized but b mindful of the format when you submit it.


Use the Smart Phone

Your freely formatted resume can be sent easily on your smart phone if you have one. This will allow you to not have to worry about getting to a computer when you see a job opportunity in your social feed. Furthermore, many job search sites such as CareerBliss, CareerBuilder, or Monster allow you to create accounts and have suitable job listings sent to your phone and/or social feed when they come up.


Sharing and Connecting

Certain social networks are better for connecting with certain people. Some are better for showing off your skills as a professional, some are better for reaching people in more light-hearted fashion. How you reach out to people depends a lot on the job or connection you are trying to make. Here is a brief breakdown of some major social networks and how to effectively use them to make potential business connections:

1.    LinkedIn: Easily the number one social network for job seekers and employers at the present. LinkedIn is considered a much more reliable outlet for professionals because of it’s less sociable nature compared to Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn allows you to make a section specifically for your skills, education, and previous employment. Recruiters, marketers, and many other potential employers are constantly posting about their desire for employees and if you are connected to the right people you should be able to give them your information/qualifications very easily from your page. LinkedIn is a great place to make a connection with someone who may be complete stranger but has some pull in your desired career path. Connect with anyone you know who might know someone else that can help you find your career of choice.

2.      Facebook: Facebook tends to get a bad reputation for job seeking because usually it full of pics, comments or messages that may not portray you in the best light for employment. While there are ways to get rid of these potential red flags it can be hard to get other to cooperate and take down your less-than flattering moments that have been captured. Nevertheless, Facebook is still very useful for following certain groups and making useful connections. Sharing links from pages and establishing friendships that could potentially result in job opportunities are both effective ways of getting yourself out there and increasing your chances of finding something suitable for you.

 3.      Twitter: Twitter might be the most popular social network in terms of recreation right now but it still a valuable tool for professionals. Freelancers such as those in writing, photography, acting, or web design are constantly sharing their work on Twitter. If one of these careers or one similar pertains to you, you should definitely use Twitter to follow potential employers or key companies in your field to show off your work and constantly receive news updates from them.

 4.      Google+: This one is, in my opinion, the most undervalued social network out there. Google+ may not be as popular with the younger crowd as Facebook or Twitter but it allows you to make connections and establish relationships with key names in infinite fields. Google+, is used properly can be just as effective as any other social network as long as you update your page and connect with the right people. You’d be surprised how many connections are made by simply logging into your email at the right time and engaging a potential employer in instant chat.


Any social network can be effective as long as you constantly check in and update your pages. The more outlets and forms of networking you have, the better. Certain professionals tend to flock towards certain networks but you never know where they might spend the majority of their time. Nowadays many people that work in IT or Adobe Jobs really try to have a powerful online presence since that is where a lot of their desired employers recruit. The best thing to do as a job seeker, is to establish as many social networks as you can and make as many connections as possible.


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