SURE! Launches Next Generation Contact Center Solution to Empower Pay TV & Home Utilities Clients with Feature-Rich IVRS

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  • SURE! a  global leading Subscription Management Product adds a new module, Next Generation Contact Center Management (CCM) with Feature studded IVRS
  • Enables customers to Automate Subscriber Telephone calling services, thereby enhancing the subscriber experience
  • SURE! a Magnaquest product, will implement CCM for Pay Media, Broadband and Utilities customers worldwide
  • Via CCM, focus of our B2B offering moves from Revenue Augmentation and Efficiency Enhancement to Experience Mapping and Management

HYDERABAD, INDIA, October 1, 2013:

SURE! Announced today the launch of an interactive voice navigation system-included as part of a comprehensive contact center management module enhancing overall subscription revolution experience.
SURE! has reached a new milestone by introducing contact center management module to the list of products and features, as part of the globally recognized subscription life cycle management suite for Pay TV, Broadband, Telecom, Cloud, M2M, Unified Communications & MVNO’s.
SURE! a Magnaquest Product, with the launch of this new module will help clients across the world eliminate the need for a live engineer or an operator to be present all-the-time to respond to subscriber query calls.
Customers are set to benefit from this newest features introduced into the product, wherein they would be able to automate customer service interactions by allowing subscribers to interact using touch tone digits.
“SURE! has been an industry partner helping clients Increase Revenues and ARPU, Enhance Efficiency, and most pointedly, make the Subscriber Experience go to the delight scale. We are glad to understand and proactively respond to industry requirements and make this offering,” said Ramakrishna Mashetty, Chief Marketing Officer, SURE!
“The future is going to be marked when experience will matter over everything else; and while features and benefits are expected, experience management will decide the game in the Subscription World,” he said. “SURE! will lead the evolution of our customer’s subscription lifecycle management focus to handling and bettering experience.”

Key Features:

  • Intuitive and easy GUI
  • Ability to recognize caller-line identification digits, identifies subscriber, DNIS: (Dialed number identification service) and ANI: (Automatic Number Identification)
  • Records and allows playback of caller audio
  • Interface to Database(s) in order to manage audio-records
  • Interfaces with CRM and any third party systems
  • Interfaces with PSTN / PBX system
  • Interfaces with BSS system to response to subscriber queries
  • Runs on low-end / Commodity Hardware / uses low-cost PSTN hardware
  • Real-time team notifications
  • Multiple telephone line support on Analog and Digital
  • Advanced call screening and call switching options
  • Call Transfer to other extensions, optionally announcing Caller ID, allowing recipient to accept or decline call
  • Full logging of callers’ details and all selections made during call

About SURE! :

Sure! is a feature-rich, Subscription Lifecycle Management Solution comprising CRM, billing, Customer Support and service fulfillment modules that meet needs of enterprises. From Lead-to-Cash, SURE! solution handles all aspects of creating, maintaining and cultivating relationship throughout the subscriber lifecycle management.
SURE! platform supports extensive product and service configurations, complex recurring billing including pre-paid and advance-paid billing, presentment, receivables, customer care and integrates with third part systems for automated provisioning of services and Sabrix for tax management.
SURE! CRM is part of SURE! Cloud platform, which is TMForum compliant, enterprise grade CRM solution, supporting complete Sales Force Automation and customer support functions, with Contact-Center integration adapters.

Benefits of SURE!

  • Faster Service Fulfilment leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Facilitates quick launch of new services and ensures faster time to market. Also is flexible to define unlimited number of services
  • ZERO CAPEX – SURE! pricing model gives the Operators the same flexibility they give to their customers. Pay As You Go.
  • Predictable OPEX (as the solution pricing will be based on number of subscribers). Flexible pricing – Pay as you grow. Since SURE! optimizes and automates the customer on-boarding, accounting, billing and collections processes, operators in their growth phase can minimize their revenue leakage via any manual processes.
  • Revenue Growth by offering optimized Packaging and Promotions
    Analytics and Dashboards indicating subscription growth, revenue growth, Churn Rate, Renewals vs disconnections
  • 360 degree view providing opportunities for upsell and cross-sell
  • Automatic billing and collection, improving operational efficiencies

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Mr. Mahesh Kumar


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