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Who thought that data dealt on server or cloud can also be downloaded to the local drive? Day by day we get the news of hacking and data loss. Google service of Gmail emailing is also not spared from this. SysTools Gmail Backup tool is a commendable attempt to solve issue of data loss because this software completely backs up data from the Gmail account and lets you save it in local drive.

Technique is codified in an advance program keeping the appearance and appliance very simple and easy-to-use. No hectic and difficult command-line programming which takes a full day to understand and another day to solve issues will be required in this tool which I guess is a biggest plus point for this software. Gmail Backup software is in fact blended with many superior features which need you to just select or check and rest operation will be done automatically.

Some Extraordinary Features You Will Find in This Tool:

Understandable Interface: For many users it hardly matters what runs in the backend, they look for a smart and easy interface. Thankfully, this available Gmail data backup solution is allied with one large-tiled interface. The buttons clearly indicates what function it has, except for the “Preferences” which is actually meant for Internet Speed Management. One more thing which is admirable is collaboration of functions.

What you have to do is;

  • Start the software
  • Log-in with your email address and password
  • Choose the language from English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese
  • Check the ‘remember credentials’ if you have a personal computer that no one else has access to

Gmail Backup

Super Selective Options:

Category Selection Option: Software not only provides you backup of all the categories. It also offers you to choose the category selectively. This means if you only need emails and calendars you can check these options and uncheck rest of the options. Software gives you copy of all the emails (saved in email file), calendars (ICS format), documents (original format) and contacts (vCard).

Email Format Option: Software gives wide variety of email file formats like; PST, EML, MBOX and MSG to cover wide varieties of email applications. So you need to bother if you have SpiceBird or Bat email application you can also take benefit of this tool as it can copy the emails to MBOX file format.

Choose Destination: Emails can be saved at desired location. You can browse the destined path and the chosen email file will get saved there.

gmail backup tool

Good for Internet Usage Adjustment:

Software might be capable to download but it also depends upon the speed of your internet connection. Moreover, if you are trying the download the process while working hours, it is quite possible that downloading might hamper your internet based work. But this will not occur with Gmail Backup tool as the software has some internet management options using which you can configure some settings and let the software download the items with predefined bandwidth.

You can provide the internal bandwidth and then you can give the time period in “From” and “To” and the internet bandwidth will be set for that period. You can provide multiple slots by adding different set of times. This option is very important and is an innovative approach which cannot be found in many other tools with same functionality.

sys tools


Assistance Provided for Obstacle:

A “Help” button is readily provided on the software interface which can be used to reach the documentation of the software. This is quite helpful as while running the software you might not want to search for the solution online. Instead hit this button and reach the guide manual. You can also contact the support team which is available day and night for your assistance through chat service or on call support. Software hardly needs any external help but if you are completely unaware of how to deal with such programs, tool-rescuers are ready to help.

Software Technical Description

Product Name

SysTools Gmail Backup Tool

Software Size

12.6 MB Executable File

Latest Version



Windows OS (Windows 8.1 and below)

Backup Formats

PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, vCard and ICS


$12 for single user

Pros and Cons of Gmail Backup Tool:

The only limitation of this software is, it is not available for other Operating Systems and is available for Windows only. This limits the audience and might not be helpful for Mac or other users. However, one can also use this software on Windows application and then save the data in their system. The copied files contain all the data properly and have no data loss. All folders including personal folders and Chat logs can be downloaded prior certain IMAP settings. Thus it covers all the data available in your Gmail account. Prize too is fair enough for the accuracy, functionality and features of tool. So in spite of its limitation of being available for Windows only the software is efficient and can be recommended for organizational level usage.

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