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With the development of technology, using computers or mobile phones more and more data is stored. However, due to a number of factors data loss often occurs. For example virus attacks, computer and phone crash and physical disasters etc. To avoid many troubles that data loss causes, backup is becoming more and more significant. Cloud storage can be considered as a safe place to store the data. Users often have multiple cloud storage account, such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and many others.

As cloud storage is simple and convinient people keep opening new storage accounts which in turn causes a problem. How can users manage all their accounts? Multcloud is one solution to the problem of managing multiple cloud storage accounts and its free.

MultCloud is an online cloud service which can manage multiple cloud accounts into a single account. No matter where users go, as long as you are online it’s easy and convenient for account management. MultCloud has a simple and easy to use interface.

manage cloud storage accounts


From the screenshot below, you can see that MultCloud supports login with Google+ and Facebook. The account is 100% safe because it adopts 256-bit encryption in data transmission.

manage cloud storage accounts

After you sign in, you can add cloud drives to manage files. Here you will see MultCloud supports to combine many cloud services into your MultCloud account, for instance, Dropbox, Google drive, OneDrive, Amzon S3, Box, Copy, WebDav etc.


You can add your requisite cloud drives into your MultCloud account. A number of actions are available from the control panel, MultCloud supports delete, rename, copy, download, move (copy to), upload files. Also you can share your files to SNS (facebook, Google+, twitter, linked in) or email the link. The app can preview your files, such as jpg, png, gif pictures; doc, xls, pdf documents.

manage cloud storage accounts

In addition to the above features, you can also use MultCloud to transfer files from one drive to another service and search files which only need an input keyword. As a free and powerful app, MultCloud gives convenience to users allowing them to manage multiple cloud storage accounts on one single platform. If you are interested have a look here .

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