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EDB is the file format of database of Exchange server environment. The .edb file contains all mailboxes (private folders) of different users as well as the public folders. The database administrators (DBAs) of the Exchange do have access to all the mailboxes stored in the EDB file but sometimes what happens is that the proprietary file gets corrupt. In such cases all the saved data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journal, etc. gets inaccessible restricting the DBAs to view the stored items. In such a terrible situation it gets essential to retrieve the mailboxes from the damaged file and export then into MS Outlook emailing program.

This is because conversion in PST is the only way-out to regain accessibility to the important data items that had been stored for safety and security. In such a critical situation EDB to PST Converter plays a very significant role. And if the question is how and why, this review is the perfect answer. The reason being, that the tool is enriched with superior capabilities and functionalities including its primary role of extracting and exporting contents from corrupted .edb file into Outlook PST file type.


Technical Aspects of the Conversion Utility

Here, in this section of the review are mentioned some of the technicalities of the file recovery and conversion application.

  • Name: QuickData for EDB to PST Converter
  • File Name: edb-to-pst-converter.exe
  • File Size: 16.2MB
  • Virus Protection: Built-in with Norton by Symantec, McAfee SECURE, etc. anti-malwares.

Pre-requisites on the Execution Machine

In this section of the review, below mentioned are the essential requirements so as to run the software successfully.

  1. Operating System– Windows OS only.
  2. Windows Releases Supported– Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and other below versions.
  3. Processor Frequency– 1 GHz frequency in the processor of the PC.
  4. Random Access Memory (RAM) – 512 MB, though 1 GB is most suited.
  5. Free space in HDD– Minimum 20MB of free space is required or say essential.
  6. MS Outlook– All releases such as Outlook 2013(the latest release) including all older editions.

Tool in More Detail

Chief Functionality: The key feature of the QuickData EDB to PST Converter is to first extract the stored items from user’s mailboxes as well as public folders from the corrupt Exchange database EDB file and then export them in PST file format. Once saved in healthy Personal Folders they can be easily opened in Outlook email client on any Windows machine.

Characteristics at a Glance: The truly advanced features of the recovery tool are mentioned in this section.

  • Can recover from damaged, encrypted and password protected EDB file too.
  • Extracts all mailboxes and its all data items and exports them as PST file.
  • Convert both priv.edb as well as pub.edb file of Exchange server EDB file.
  • Can retrieve and convert EDB file of any size without restriction at all in PST.
  • Can handle i.e. recover and extract EDB file of even 1.5 TB size and more.
  • Single PST file for each exported mailbox is formed by the EDB to PST software.
  • Recovery & conversion tool provides option to divide the output PST file by size.
  • Items properties and formatting in the resultant PST file remains unaltered.
  • Can retrieve an export STM streaming file of MS Exchange server as well.
  • All EDB files irrespective of version of Exchange that created it are supported.
  • Selectivity option to export only the wanted items is provided in the tool.

3 Chief Functionalities Explored: Some of the important characteristics of QuickData EDB to PST Converter software application are explored here in this section.

  • Tackles Severe Corruption Issues: The tool possesses the ability to attain recovery from any type corruption issue in the EDB file of Exchange server database, be it low or high. Even severe corruption issues are tackled easily and quickly without failure and this is due to the high-tech design that is offered by the recovery application.
  • Compatible with Password Protected File: Many a time’s administrators imply a password on to the private folders of .edb file so as to restrict unauthorized users. But such a protection becomes a curse sometimes instead of boon. But the utility is designed in such a way that it can extract and convert data from a password protected EDB file. The tool can process the
  • Valid On Encrypted EDB File Too: Sometimes the administrators encrypt the Exchange EDB file for safety and security concerns. But at some point of time such as when its data items get inaccessible due to corruption, then the requirement to retrieve the stored items rises. This very tool discussed in the review, is capable to recover and export content, even from encrypted file, which is not very common in other similar available applications.

Charge-less Amenities Provided by the Developer Firm for the Tool

Below are mentioned two important facilities rendered free-of-cost by the Company in respect to the conversion utility.

1. Demo Version Provision– There exists a provision of demo edition for the recovery and conversion utility. It has been made available as a trial package to check out the working and other functionalities in the process of EDB to PST recovery and conversion, however with some limitations. The restriction is that the trial release can retrieve and save just 25 data items from each folder of Exchange .edb database file.

2. Technical Support Facility– The facility of gaining technical assistance can be easily availed by users of the EDB to PST converter 24*7, either online by mail or through a phone call. Any kind of query related to purchase, working, features, specifications, etc. can be raised and got resolved by contacting the support team of the software application.

Concluding Lines:

On the whole, it can be concluded that the QuickData EDB to PST Converter software is indeed a high-tech application with multiple enhanced features. Moreover, its working is very simple and can be summarized in four easy steps of Open, Scan, Preview and Save PST. However, the limitation found in it is that it cannot export in the live server environment. But then it is the only drawback, hence the software can definitely be given a score of 9.8 on the performance scale of 10 as the high limit.

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